My personal Zodiac killer fear

There are a lot of theories about The Zodiac. Which one is true? I have no idea.

One thing is certain. He was never, and will never be caught. Someday we will figure out who it was, but I’m not sure that will be anytime soon. Out of all the serial killers that have walked the planet he may be the most disturbing.

I don’t mean disturbing because of what he did, that’s crazy enough, I mean it much differently.

This was obviously a really smart guy. Some may say brilliant. He got away with these crimes despite enormous manpower being thrown at stopping him.

I’m not impressed by that, although perhaps I should be (sorry Zodiac if you are alive and reading this).

What I am impressed by is that this is a guy who had a job, probably friends, perhaps a family. He didn’t leave so much as a breath of a hint of a sentence to anyone that let go enough information to have someone in his life figure it out. That is disturbing.

This is a guy who had a house, a job, a car, and obvious capabilities in multiple fields, crypto being just one.

I for one am more disturbed by the fact that he was someone’s coworker. It makes me look at my coworkers just a little differently 😉


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