The “wall” between Mexico and the United States, yet another dumb ass dividing line

The “wall” is about the stupidest political argument I have ever heard. One side says “we need a wall or the country is going to end.” The other side says “that’s the dumbest thing ever.”

They are both wrong…Ok it may be one of the dumbest ideas ever, but our current immigration system is a total mess but let’s deal with one thing at a time.

I’m going to explain why both sides are being giant babies, so bear with me.

First, anyone who says the wall will solve illegal immigration (yes, that’s what it is) doesn’t understand the problem. The overwhelming majority of people in this nation illegally overstayed a visa of some type.

Second, for the group that is pro wall wants to know why it hasn’t been finished because Trump has been in office a while now.

Ok, it’s a 2,000 mile long project. Has anyone seen how long it takes to get blueprints, permits, layouts, and decisions on placement to build a 6,000 square foot home? Something like a year.

Yes, a wall is easier, but let’s play this out. I replaced a fence at my house. At the time we lived in a house that was around 1/3 of an acre. It took a week for permitting, a few days for supplies and 2 or 2.5 weeks later we had a fence. That was a 6’ privacy fence. This is a 2,000 mile wall across a large array of types of geographic changes. It isn’t going to be up overnight. Planning along will take (my engineering background coming out) more than a year. Then money, contracts, supplies, this thing is a 5-7 year project at least, and that’s in a hurry.

Plus, do you really need a full up really expensive wall across that entire border or can some of it be done with state of the art sensors? What environmental or business impacts will the wall have? Lots of questions to be answered.

Ok, for those that are anti-wall they usually fall in the category of amnesty for “undocumented workers” or “immigration for all” or whatever you want to call them.

Also a really bad idea. Yes, other countries have immigration systems that are managed differently from us. Every time I hear the “let’s just do it like this other nation” does I cringe.


It’s always some nation of 10,000,000 residents (smaller than NYC) that is being referenced. Managing something the size of the United States is different than dealing with New York City. It is much more complex. Immigration needs to be done in an orderly fashion, and we can’t just be the place where you show up and automatically are granted all kinds of rights, privileges and benefits.

Is the system broken? Yes.

In some ways immigrating is far harder than it should be.

Does that mean we stop all sorts of checks, as some people say?

Hell no. We need to know who is here, why they are coming here and what they intend to do once here.

In short, the wall is just another way we are being played. We have been told to look at this wall thing, pay attention to that. Both sides of politicians are doing it. Those that are pro and anti wall want you to focus on that.


Because there are things they aren’t doing in their day to day jobs that they should.

Ask them to focus on a balanced budget or fixing what they screwed up in our health insurance system. That might be worth doing. But wait…the wall…someone knelt….vote for me…donate.

That is what we will hear. As we approach the mid term we will hear more about what divides us, and they will try to drive wedges, rather than about a solid plan for the future.


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