Political Election Cycles Suck for People In The Middle!!!

It is that time again…election time. When those of us with more centrist leanings get pummeled by both sides and called names for not immediately falling in some party line and acting like a zombie. We aren’t zombies, we just believe both sides have a point. Although interestingly both sides try to shame us into running their way or “we are unthinking.”

There is the far right who says everything the President does is perfect, no human ever elected as a “true” Republican can do anything wrong, they then perform a purity test on people in their own party and label some as RINOs (Republican In Name Only).

Then there is the far left, who does a similar purity test, wants to launch a zillion investigations every single time someone at the other end of the political spectrum burps without prior written permission and tells anyone not voting their way they are stupid (ok both party extremes do that one).

Doubt me? Below are a few random twitter pulls from each side.

Kishwar TweetMoore Tweet

Now, then there are people that realize both sides of the political aisle have some issues correct, and some wrong. There are a few elected officials that feel this same way. They can’t say it in public or their “base” voters will go absolutely nuts and throw things at them in public.

One thing is certain. Political election time is supposed to be a time when we all come together to pick the leadership of this great nation. Yes, I believe this nation is great now, has been great before, and remains so. We don’t need to make it great again, and we don’t need to fundamentally shift our beliefs to remain great.

We abolished slavery. Are race relations perfect? No.

We have a messed up immigration system, it isn’t perfect.

We certainly have issues with the funding of schools and other stuff. We aren’t perfect, but we are pretty good, and we will continue to improve. In ways we are great, in ways we aren’t. That doesn’t make either side of the political aisle less American.

What I urge all politicians to do this cycle is to reach out to all voters. Hear their concerns, and act on them. Don’t only discuss problems, please work together to solve them.

Also, political supporters…stop the purity tests, and above all end the damn name calling. It is getting really old.


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