The Hardy Boys Mysteries

The first Hardy Boys Mysteries were published around 90 years ago. I know, I was shocked too.

image1 (10)I fondly remember reading some of these as a kid, and promising my 2nd grade self I would read “all of them.” I think somewhere around the 4th grade I forgot about that promise and stopped reading them, but I got through many.

I now have 2 boys at home of my own, and they are about the right age to read these. So one of them picked up the first one and is making his way through, which prompted me to read a few again so we could talk about it.

Yes, the language is dated, no I don’t have the original ones I have the updated ones that took out much of the racism in the fist set. But, one thing struck me pretty solidly.

Boys never change. The Hardy brothers like action and adventure. They also have to figure out how to balance school, girls, sports, and their hobby of solving mysteries. They do all of this while hanging out with a group of friends that could have been my practical joking bizarre group of guys I knew in high school.

Yes, in some ways the books are dated. In other ways they really aren’t. Highly recommended for the modern generation (and can now be gotten on eBook).

I hope these books will be enjoyed for generations to come, and in the picture is one of my father’s copies. So we are on at least the third generation of Imholt boys to read these things! Maybe someday it will be four. Only time will tell.


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