Avengers Infinity War – Part 1 finally saw it

Ok, so long after everyone else saw the thing I finally watched Avengers, Infinity War Part 1. It was cute, but basically it was every Avengers movie you have already seen. There are spectacular CGI things, tons of cool action and a story-line that I could not possibly care less about and instantly forgot.

There were some short comings outside of that. It had so many “main characters” in it that none of them was around much. So if you like Spiderman, or Iron Man you sill see them, but not much.

There were potential things in this movie that I was upset didn’t get more time. Like the interaction between Rocket and Thor had the potential to be hilarious but was so brief it fell flat. Spiderman working with Doctor Strange, again high potential and not there much.

They were so focused on just how many different people you could see throw a punch, or fire a gun that you barely get to see any story line in depth. You just assume all the characters know everything.

Even Iron Man’s delivery of “what’s going on” when Spiderman first shows up basically said it all. It was flat, brief, and read like it came off a power point slide in an executive briefing.

In short, I enjoyed the movie while I was watching it, wasn’t upset that I watched it, but I’m not going to sit down and watch it again anytime soon.


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