Humans are violent, and it is about time we admit it

Humans are violent. From the sports we watch to the way we consume news, we are a violent species. Doubt my statement? How quickly do we all tune in to see what’s gong on with the latest mass shooting. While we can all agree these things are tragic, I think it is hard to miss the anger and violence the two sides feel towards each other on the whole gun control debate.

One side says “take those guns by any means necessary,” and I assume that means forced confiscation…a safe assumption as many people have said that is exactly how to solve the problem os the millions of guns in the hands of civilians.

The other side says, “let’s get more good guys with guns and shoot back.”

Both use violence in their response to violence, all the while bemoaning the violent act as something they are against.

I was watching an older History Channel special on the Zodiac killer. If you aren’t familiar with this wackadoodle he killed a large number of people in the late 60s and early 70s. He taunted the police with letters written in codes, and was never caught. He killed (depending on the numbers you believe) 7 to 37 people. I know, a single mass shooting does more.

Zodiac was different, he stabbed, brutally, random people. Up close and personal. This wasn’t a guy in a hotel shooting out a window. This was a guy who took a knife, came close to a person, stabbed them until they died, and was never caught. The descriptions of him are vague, and can match probably 10-15% of the population.

The reason this particular special made me realize just how violent we are is that this guy was likely someone who held a normal job, had friends, and no one knew. He may have had a family, who knows.

However, people were obsessed with the case. Everyone wanted (and still) wants to know who it is or was. These murders were 50 years ago, and yet people are still fascinated by this level of killing.

We want to see the blood.

No matter if it is serial killers, an accident we pass in traffic that we just have to see, or the most recent mass shooting, humans love violence. Until we admit that, and take steps to find ways to curb our violent desires we will continue to see people murdered for no reason other than someone felt like killing a bunch of people. Even if it isn’t killing someone, humans will try to take each other’s property by force, or shoot someone for trying to do so.


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