School Safety

School safety becomes a topic on more news broadcasts than it should.

alcohol-drug-bully-free-sign-s-6372The interesting thing to me is that the laws are solid on what can and can’t be done yet we still think arming teachers, or building lots of bullet proof stuff will now solve the problem.

Let’s review these two options.

First, arming teachers. We want teachers to be able to identify a target in a highly confusing environment and hit what is likely a moving target in that environment, and expect that there will be no “friendly fire” accidents in the process. Oh wait, that last part never enters into the conversation and it should. Usually if you run contrary to that person the party espousing this “arming teachers” concept bullies the person who says “wait a minute” until they either end up in a shouting match, or one side or the other rolls their eyes and walks away.

I’m not saying that is an impossible task, but it is challenging to see how arming teachers makes the problem go away. It only makes the problem different. Besides, legally schools are gun free zones so I fail to understand how this works.

Second, building schools into armored fortresses. As a guy who has designed and fielded armor for the military and contractors I have a point to make. Typically school shootings go on inside the school, therefore the shooter and the victim are on the same side of the armor, making the armor both useless, and very expensive.

There are other solutions out there, and I will be discussing those in the future.



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