The Hardy Boys #1 – The Tower Treasure, I read it again in 2018

image1Anyone who follows my blog knows I have small kids. Well, not as small as they were, but still reasonably young. My oldest son is borderline the right age for The Hardy Boys to be read level appropriate. So, I re-read one. Honestly, I haven’t picked one up since I was a kid in the 1970s.

Ok, my versions are not the originals, they are the ones that were updated to get rid of the racism present in the original text written just post WW I and pre WW II. The language is dated, and kids just do not interact this way anymore. I started thinking to myself this is not going to see the light of day again….ever.

Then I started thinking…should it? Should something like the way these characters be out there in the world? Could something like this exist in the current marketplace?

I’m not sure of any of the answers to those questions, but I can answer one.

I started thinking that the story just wasn’t believable. As someone who has written a few fiction books, you always want the story believable. The way the two brothers get to the solution is a bit of a stretch, but the stories are written for 10-14 year old kids. For them, it probably isn’t.

So I argued with myself, can a series of books like this be believable in the current market? I think so. Someone is going to do an insta-comment below disagreeing with that.

Let me remind you, the most popular movies out there right now are super hero movies, and one of the most beloved, best selling series of books to ever exist on this planet (again aimed at this age range) involve a student wizard who is also a sports hero to his school.

Can the Hardy Boys ride again? Can a mystery series of normal every day kids having adventures become popular in 2018? Who knows, but these books are nice for a trip down memory lane, and wow it would be nice if people were as nice to each other as the characters in these books tend to be.

I pledge that this year my website will be more active. It has been a bit slow lately, and that changes now.


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