Hunting Hitler on the History Channel

Like many people, I have been seriously into the History channel show Hunting Hitler.


I know, I know they aren’t all that realistic. They “discover” that there were Nazi communities all over South America after the war and that some of the high ranking Germans made it there. Not shocking given that there were many of the captured years after the war.

If you don’t take the show as trying to discover new things and look at it differently some of that criticism goes away.

I take it like this. Don’t think of it like they are actually going to uncover evidence of where Hitler was (assuming he didn’t commit suicide) after the war. Look at it like they are educating people who don’t know what happened in those years following WW2, and educating them on what really went on considering much of this stuff isn’t taught in History classes.

If you look at it as educating in an entertaining way, all of the leaps they make are tolerable. Otherwise, every time they find a printed word in German and they claim that “oh look Hitler must have been here” will just be annoying.

It is fun, they do educate, and even I have learned a few things and I’m a history buff for this kind of stuff.

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