I am now convinced that the nation I knew as a kid is gone. Ok, not in name, we are still here, but by attitude, by tolerance, and by our expectations it has changed. I heard a news “snippet” on my evening commute last night about a school shooting in Aztec New Mexico with 2 people and a suspect dead. I assumed there would be details, a discussion, or at least some kind of “care” about this story.

I was wrong.

I finally found it this morning. It was the fourth story on the news. Fourth. It came after a story about some tweet argument between two politicians and after a story about the timing of a Senators resignation being “politically timed for something.”

What do we hold important as a society?

I think we have seen and heard about so many school shootings at this point we are numb, we no longer care, we now treat them like traffic accidents and they aren’t. These aren’t accidents. These are events that we are now, for lack of a better term, tolerating.

We need a serious attitude adjustment and we need it immediately.

It is not ok to kill people. It is not ok to brush these things off because the body count isn’t high enough to catch the national interest.


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