Gronk…Gronk…Gronk…I have been a New England Patriots fan for a while. I moved to the Boston area about ten years ago in pursuit of the woman I love, and even though I left that area for Dallas where I now reside, I have remained a Patriots fan. I take heat for it, but I’m there in the camp of the Pats every week.

Gronk, you pissed me off.

This hit, childlike behavior, it is not professionalism; it isn’t even sportsman like conduct. Dude, seriously what were you thinking.

With all the head injuries, all the CTE, all the crap that players endure to bring the viewing public a relaxing afternoon you risk Mr. White’s health because you didn’t like something that happened. This is the kind of thing a school yard bully does.

I know they won’t because you are a great player, but if I owned the team I’d release you immediately. Winning is important but so is the ability of other people to go home after a game to their families. Grow up Gronk. You may have cost the Patriots more than one member of their fan base with this. I hope it made you feel better, because the NFL has taken enough hits of late, you need to learn to operate as an adult.


I am about to reach a milestone birthday and realize I have more to offer. So on here you will hear about my opinion (such as it is) about the things that entertain me in life. Whatever I am passionate about will show up. Never know what it is.

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