My favorite thing to read in a long time

Like many writers I tend to read a lot. Lately I have been into more supernatural things, some horror, and tending towards either graphic novels or straight up comics for a variety of reasons we will discuss in a later post. Today all I want to talk about is this comic I came across that I enjoyed more than anything in a long time.

The Pound – from Frozen Beach Studios.


The oddball minds of Stephan Nilson and Charles Pritchett, who have been around the comic industry for a while, have an original take on a werewolf, vampire, and other supernatural being story.

How is it different?

Do the vampires glow? Oh hell no.

Do the werewolves get over the top jealous of the human girlfriend of the vampire that glows? Oh hell no.

The story follows two Animal Control Specialists who lost their jobs due to budget cuts and start their own private stray animal removal business.

When one of their firsts calls turns out to be a werewolf…but when in human form a werewolf that takes them out to breakfast and is a really nice guy…the whole thing just gets weird.

If it sounds different it really is. It has some of the most original content I have seen in a very long time.

I can (and have) had to go home and have uncomfortable conversations with my wife about losing a job. It happens.

Have you ever had to go home and explain to your wife, who thinks you are chasing down racoons, that you spent all night fighting an actual, no shit, real werewolf…in a town that has never ever seen one in real life?

That is a fun conversation destined to ensure you aren’t going to be seeing your wife anything but fully clothed for a really long time.

Between the stresses on the job, and at home, it is absolutely hilarious. It is one to really not miss if you are into the supernatural genre.


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