Cannabis, hemp, and other useful things, part 2

Cannabis, hemp, and whatever else you want to call this crop is not just for people at a Bob Marley retrospective or college frat parties. Like many people I assumed this was something to be avoided at all costs for most of my adult life. I believed the propaganda.

As it turns out this really isn’t the case.

Yes, there is a recreational use, and I’m not talking about (or trying) that, and this series of articles has nothing to do with that aspect of this crop.

There have even been cannabis strains that have been bred to produce minimal levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive constituent. By the same token others have been bred to maximize this component.

So, today’s post is all about hemp oil or hempseed oil. This is obtained by pressing hemp seeds and draining out the fluid resulting from that process.

Some of this is done today, and some is always available with a prescription, but I think as a society we need to remove the stigma of this crop and make it as acceptable as that after work cocktail, or vapor use, or whatever other vice you want to choose.

There are six in particular I want to focus on. More on this subject can be found over at the interesting website called ministry of hemp (

  • Hemp reduces inflammation and reduces the side effects of some cancer treatments.
    1. Anyone who has ever had a family member with cancer who chose treatment knows that the side effects of that treatment are sometimes almost as bad as the disease. If there is a way to reduce those impacts we need to encourage that.
  • Hemp helps balance hormones and ease PMS
    1. Gamma-linoleic acid is the key here and GLA is in hemp oil. I’m male so I can’t really understand fully if this helps or not, or what that whole thing is like, but my wife tells me it sucks.
  • Hemp oil boosts immune systems
    1. Hemp oil has a high level of fatty acids. These fatty acids are one of the keys to boosting your immune system. Winter months this is a good thing as I hate catching colds.
  • Improving your mood
    1. In the fast paced world we all live in perhaps we should all look for ways to be in a better mood. If it is traffic that makes you mad, work, stress, whatever if this helps, and causes no real harm, give it a shot.
  • Brain health
    1. The fatty acids that are involved in number 3 and 4 on this list are vital to the health of your nervous system and brain health. These fatty acids are useful in a lot of ways and can help prevent nervous system and brain deterioration over time. Think about grandma or great grandma near the end of their lives, and could this have helped if it had been used throughout their lives. Could they have had more active years.
  • Wood varnish and can replace petroleum based oils
    1. If you have wood furniture this stuff can be used as a varnish. Ok, I know there are other things that do this as well, but you have to admit this is a useful crop for farmers to consider. Also, if it can replace petroleum based oils and we can stop using corn for that, and reduce the cost of corn to consumers (which is a big feedstock for farmers livestock) isn’t that a good thing? I know I’d like my grocery bill to come down. That whole supply and demand thing. If we stop artificially inflating demand on cord for use as an additive to fuel and start using hemp I’m good with that.

Ok, this is part 2 in this series of articles. I never really looked at hemp as anything other than a waste of brain cells, but if it (in non-recreational form) aids my brain cells perhaps it is worth removing that stigma and considering it as part of a supplement regimen.



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