A new writing project – a Comic – Novel Crossover

As a guy who enjoys the process of writing books, and telling a story I embarked on a new adventure recently.

My previous books all have co-authors. I really enjoy the act of collaborating on telling a story, and I think extra eyes can help bring depth to any project.

Recently I started working with someone on a different approach to the process. This particular project involves taking a really amazing series of Graphic Novels that are already out there and writing a series of novels that parallels those graphic based books.

It is interesting to tell the story without the advantage of the graphics. The story line is complex, and hilarious in ways. I can’t wait to be able to release more details, but rest assured it is progressing rapidly, and you will enjoy it.

We hope to have it ready for release before the New Year, which means it is coming close. Stay tuned to the blog, you may see a sample chapter soon.


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