Race War or Police War while we wait for Star Wars?

I try to stay informed, watch the news, read articles, and know what is going on in the world. I see a lot of arguments about “false news,” or “pay attention to this group, not that groupo because they have some kind of mental disorder,” and frankly I’m sick of it.

There is a trend in this country of hating police that deserves some measure of understanding. So, what is a guy like me to do? I’m just a scientist (22 patents and counting, which is something that makes me more proud than my PhD), author (I love writing), father (love my kids) and taxpayer (hate the IRS).

Are there bad policemen or policewomen in the world? Absolutely. Have some of the members of the force done things that deserve punishing, absolutely.

Does that mean every single policeman or policewoman (from this point forward I intend to use only policeman and am by no means discounting policewomen when I do so), is a bad person deserving of being degraded, or worse injured/killed? Absolutely not.

Just like not every person that gets pulled over is guilty of more than just driving badly. People, in and out of uniform, deserve our respect. I try to respect people by default when I meet them, until that individual loses that respect. I hope that’s the way most people do things, but let’s face it, that’s not what happens.

There is a racial war going on in this nation. There is also a war against people in certain uniforms going on.

Here is the rub that I see.

Policians claim that there is no price tag that exists that would stop them from protecting the men and women in uniform. To that I say bullshit, but more about that in a minute.

I don’t ever see a politician say there is no price tag that exists that will stop us from protecting our citizenry. Police and citizens should not be divided into camps….ever.

Ok, so what’s my point. City budgets, in fact government budgets in general have grown over the past decades. They have grown a lot. They are constnatly mismanaged and TONS of cash wasted on things that just aren’t needed. Then we buy things that are way more expensive than is necessary for a specific problem.

How do I know this? Ok, let’s look at certain police forces. There are some grand architecture projects going on at various police headquarters to make things look nice. Ok, great, that’s cool, but how about work nice. Let’s worry about functionality instead of grand appearance.

Let’s look at equipment. There is some flow of military equipment going to SWAT teams. This equipment (MRAP, ETC) is hugely expensive to maintain and frankly not as useful as other options that are out there.

Did the politicians think about it wrong? Well, maybe.

WTF am I talking about?

An MRAP is a vehicle that is starting to make its way into law enforcement (or being discussed as such). It is shockingly expensive to keep on the road and stops bullets and bombs in ways most police forces rarely experience.

There are companies right here in the United States that can uparmr a Ford F150 to stop 7.62 Armor Piercing round and that truck can be purchased for less than the annual upkeep on one of those massive MRAP vehicles. Plus throw in that the uparmored F150 looks like a regular F150 from the outside, and we have a vehicle that is more practical because it doesn’t stand out, and can be used for more than the MRAP, like serving high risk warrants.

Just ranting here but I am absolutely certain that if we stop dividing people and start thinking rather than reacting out of emotion our government services will cost less, and provide a better result.


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