America, We Have a Problem

America, we have a problem. Can we talk? I mean really?

Enough warfare glorification, drooling, and chomping at the bit to go back for more.

I get it, I write books about the military and their actions in war. I am a veteran, lots of my friends are but this is just one step over the damn line.

The tweet below, and my response, was earlier today (Nov 15).



Look, I know there are bad people in the world. Sometimes, those people need their ass handed to them. I get it.

However, this guy is a freaking FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR.

He is basically saying in, in three little words, that if we aren’t bombing the shit out of someone we aren’t “America” or we are “lessened” in some way.

Ever veteran I know is willing to do what they need to in order for the world to be safer. Rarely will you ever find one that says…yeah let’s go get shot at today, it’ll be fun. We have turned ourselves into a series of drooling junkyard dogs (with apology to the dog), if this is the way news contributors think.

Now, as to my books. Someone will read this and criticize me blah blah. I guarantee you they have never read my stuff. I don’t glorify anything, I show just how nasty it can be, and how hard it can be to cope once you come back to the “real world.”

This kind of crap…I think we all can see, must end.

This guy, and people like him, are a problem. Freedom of the press, I get it but this isn’t freedom of the press, this isn’t reporting news, this is spreading violent streaks. This kind of thinking is what gets people who are a little crazy to justify mass shootings.

Ok, end of rant. Someone put a muzzle on this guy, Fox someone have a talk with him, this isn’t news, this is a freaking problem.


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