The Second Amendment, The Argument of the Century

My friend Michael Garst and I wrote a book a few years ago about the Constitution of the United States. It can be found on Amazon, or under the Books page on this website.

The Second Amendment is, once again, the argument of the day, or is it the century. The passage below is our take on this argument, and taken from the book. Please remember we are both U.S. Army Vets. We have some idea what we are talking about 😉



This Amendment has probably been the subject of more news cycles and opinion shows than any other.

We feel it necessary to go into this discussion with a disclaimer.  We are both veterans.  We have both fired, and owned, firearms in our lifetime.  We have both fired automatic weapons in our lifetime (we were both in the Army after all).

 That being said there are a LOT of strange opinions on this subject of keeping and bearing arms. 

We have heard the extremes.  One of the interesting extremes is that the Founders meant that you should have access to muskets.  Well, let’s just say we disagree with that.

 The other extreme says that if the military has access to it, a citizen should have access to it.  Well, playing this argument out means that the starting Shortstop for any major league team should be able to buy an F-16 (their salaries are high enough), or perhaps some surface to air missiles.  Maybe grandma wants a heavy machine-gun mounted on her 1984 Road-master station wagon? What if that quiet guy at the end of the street wants an Anti-tank rocket to start taking pot shots at those damn punk kids and their loud rock and or roll music? We might see little Suzy-Q sitting in her window one day with a 50 caliber sniper rifle shooting at the neighbors cats when the cross the fence line? Should this be allowed?  Well, we both have to say no. 

Should we have limits on what those arms are?  We think there should be, and in fact in current law there are limitations. 

Should those limits be more extreme than they are?

Should those limits be less extreme than they are?

That is the subject that MUST be discussed through that freedom of speech aspect of the constitution we covered under Amendment 1.  We will not render a personal opinion other than to say that the citizenry should be able to keep arms, just as the Founders said.



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