Degrees – A random reader review from Goodreads

Like most authors I do like to look at feedback from various readers. It helps form concepts and styles for future works. I found this review of a book I worked on with Devon Crowe just sitting there on and I am glad that this person noted all the hard work put into this novel.

The book is called Degrees and can be found on Amazon in Print, Kindle, and Audiobook.

“Earth is currently the only place we have to call home. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to take care of our home not only for ourselves but for future generations. Our consumption rate is out of control with no end in sight. The consequences of our daily actions are beginning to rear their ugly heads and we must find suitable, and sometimes drastic, solutions for the betterment of the entire planet. This behavior cannot go on forever. Although the book is written in a fictional format, the issues are not fictional. This book addresses very real problems and issues we are now facing. There will always be naysayer in our world no matter what the issue. Finding real, workable solutions so that we can live to debate other issues is what I hope we can achieve. I congratulate the authors on the extensive research and work in these areas of science and being able to bring the information to the masses in such a way to be understandable and thought-provoking. I truly look forward to the next installment.”


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