Hitler had a Guardian Demon/Angel, or was it Dumb Luck?


There is very little room to argue the notion that Adolf Hitler was one of the most evil humans to ever walk the surface of the Earth. But did he have a guardian demon? Or evil/fallen angel watching over him? Very possibly.

During World War 2 the German people grew weary of the war. There were even people within Hitler’s own ranks ready to take him out if the opportunity arose. The man himself was paranoid of such things and kept round the clock body guards and constantly changed his schedule to avoid having his specific location known, which would make any assassination plot much more difficult.

Hans Günther v. KlugeLet’s begin with an event involving Field Marshal Gunther Has von Kludge (say that 3 times really fast, I dare you). This man was the leader of the German Army Group Central Command on the Eastern front. Various press articles written about him, and his actions during the war, he was a hero to the German people. He was also one of the very few people who would stand up to Hitler when goofy orders came down.

One of the Kludge’s senior operations officers, a Colonel named Henning von Tresckow came to the Field Marshall to discuss the need to eliminate Hitler for the sake of Germany. The Field Marshall did not have the man arrested, but also refused to, as he said, “play politics.” However, he didn’t really stand in the way.

The plan was simple. They would have Kludge lure Hitler to the base under the guise of lifting the moral of the troops. While there, it would be simple, riddle the man with bullets. They would wait for him to go to lunch, they would come in with some volunteers, if they needed to kill Hitler’s 30 SS guards they would, then they would turn him into swiss cheese. At the last minute, the Field Marshall got cold feet, and Hitler lived to go even crazier than before.

Guardian Demon 1, Conspirators 0.

220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1994-022-32A,_Axel_Freiherr_von_dem_Bussche-StreithorstEighteen months later in the summer of 1943 these same German conspirators wanted to murder Hitler. Highly decorated Captain Axel von dem Busche volunteers to be the assassin. Now, at the time, it would be very hard for a Captain to get anywhere close to Hitler with a weapon. The Captain had a better plan. He would wear a suicide vest, a bomb with a 4.5 second fuse and give Hitler a big bear hug. The only question was how to get close.

At the time, Germany was considering a new winter combat uniform. This offered a chance for the Captain. This was in October of 1943. The Captain was tagged to be one of the models for Hitler to decide if this uniform would adopted. Before he could get the chance to show off that explosive new uniform the Captain was injured in an artillery attack and lost a leg, thereby destroying the plan.

Guardian Demon 2, Conspirators 0.

image_popupDespite the failures, one of the higher ranking conspirators, General (Colonel at the start of this blog) Henning von Tresckow kept on plotting. He discussed an idea with a Captain named Eberhard von Brentenfuch, who was the personal aide to a Field Marshal named Ernst Busch. Ernst was one of the few officers who was still fiercely loyal to Hitler.

In March of 1944 Busch was under order to report to Hitler, and an Aide would normally go on that kind of a trip. The aide was going to use a new bomb with a 1 second timer, and if that didn’t work smuggle a small pistol into the meeting and shoot Hitler in the head.

At the very last second an SS officer stopped the Captain at the door and said, “No aides permitted.” The only goofy thing was that other aides had been allowed in that same day. Sounds like another one on the who is protecting this guy.

Guardian Demon 3, Conspirators 0.


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