We have all heard of the show The Walking Dead. Zombies are woven into American pop culture in ways I would have never thought possible.

Being a scientist I get a lot of strange questions. The latest I hear is something about how we make Zombies become a real thing. Wouldn’t they make good soldiers? Or some other strange excuse for making a member of The Walking Dead.

So, can they be made? I argue they already do.

You have probably seen them.

The Walking Dead…Carrying some form of Smart Phone or tablet device. They stare into it, ignoring everyone around them. The worst is when there is a table of 3-4 people, all with their own device. We used to call such gaggles a family, mother, father, son, daughter. They used to talk, discuss, maybe interact. But not now. They stare into the screen. They move around some digital thing, perhaps building a digital world. Anything to avoid the real world.

So, I have several questions to ask in this micro post.

Are smart phones something that improve our lives? They were introduced as a convenience, but are they? And if they are, what is the cost?

I have seen many people try to keep their kids quiet when they are out different places by just handing them a smart phone.

Was the convenience we were sold one that has become a parenting device? Are we shirking our jobs as parents by relying on these things? Should we stop now?

Seriously, should we? There are now books many kids beg for from the library with cheats, tricks, and tips for various APPs. Aren’t we going around the bend on this over connectivity thing?

So, are zombies real? Yes, and they walk among us.


I am about to reach a milestone birthday and realize I have more to offer. So on here you will hear about my opinion (such as it is) about the things that entertain me in life. Whatever I am passionate about will show up. Never know what it is.

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