Speaker Pelosi and the Dumbass Statement of the Year

I was watching the news earlier today and who should appear but a former Speaker of the House the Honorable Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. She was making a statement regarding Attorney General Sessions’ voluntary recusal from any investigation into last year’s Presidential campaign.

Her statement, which may win dumbass statement of the year, it is a little tough to determine this early, was that his voluntary recusal was “an admission that something is wrong.”

At the present time, (and before the dumbass statement was made) she is calling for his resignation. Probably because she has nothing better to do, or perhaps because she can’t remember what her job really is supposed to be, but that’s for another day.

Former Speaker Pelosi needs to understand that words have meaning. Recusal is not an admission of guilt like the crazy dingbat from California seems to believe. If one looks at the fantastic website or maybe learns how to use Google the definition, aka, meaning of the word can be found.

From “The verb recuse is used in legal situations and means to remove someone from a position of judicial authority, either a judge or a member of a jury, who is deemed unacceptable to a judge, usually because of some bias.”

If the sterile, polite wording is too complex, perhaps someone should take the time to explain it to the Congresswoman.

Here is how I would do it.

The Attorney General wanted to avoid the appearance of a cover up. Basically, he is saying…Go ahead, investigate the campaign, and his own involvement all you want.

Put even more simply, he has shit to do. On that note, former Speaker, so do you. There is a budget to balance, and an Affordable Care Act to fix, not to mention 200 other problems. Get to work, or quit for the sake of the country.


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