Captain America #53 – Timely Comics

This is probably the oldest one in my collection. The original date (and this one is original) is February 1946. The two main characters in this one are, of course, Captain America and Bucky. The main enemy is a guy named The Robe. It is the only time he appears anywhere as he is killed in the story…damn should have said spoiler alert.


The artists and editors go back to the earliest days of the comic world. It has credits to Stan Lee, Alex Schomburg, Vince Alascia, and Al Gabriele. Basically, the Captain and Bucky are looking to capture a guy and his gang who are wanted for a series of murders in the area. The uncover a whole criminal empire that, of course, Captain America can defeat. Fantastic pacing, amazing art work, even a (the?) human torch.


These older comics are fantastic things to me. The ads alone make you realize how much our world has changed. This particular one on the back is marketing BB guns to kids. You just can’t do that anymore.


I love these old books and will be adding more to my collection. If anyone out there has any Timely Comics for sale, please feel free to contact me, I might be in the market to buy.




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