The Affordable Care Act Political Football, both parties are assholes on this topic

There is no doubt that the way we pay for health insurance in this nation needed work prior to the passing of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, aka gold wrapped in candy. Now that we have had it for several years there can also be no doubt that it helped some people and destroyed others.

For those that had no health insurance, no option for insurance, or perhaps a pre-existing condition it has helped. For those with coverage the experience under this has likely been fewer doctor choices, higher premiums, and massively increasing deductibles. It is certainly not gold wrapped in candy for these folks. It is more along the lines of that black vomit that smells like something out of the Walking Dead that only ICU nurses are used to seeing.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the central players in this mess: elected officials in Washington DC.

The Democrats that passed it in the first place are now blaming republicans for not fixing what is broken in the law. Ok, that’s nice, but how about this. Pass something that isn’t broken the first damn time. How about that? I know it is hard to read through something and consider it, in its final form BEFORE voting for it. How about we give that a try.

Hey Republicans. You dumbasses voted to repeal this thing like a gazillion times before you had the White House. Now that you do no one in DC is sure what to do once it is gone. Seems like you idiots had almost a decade to figure it out and would rather be on television complaining than, oh I don’t know, doing your job?

How about everyone up there do the hard job. Do it right. Fix the damn system you have broken and stop just throwing the cost of your dildocity onto the backs of the American people. How about we try that for once?



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