Cranky Genius, Spherical Bastards and Dark Matter

zwicky1Regular readers know I am a scientist both professionally and by training while I was at University.  I love being a physicist and I know enough of my brethren at various universities to tell you we are an unusual lot.

There are many scientists who are pioneers.  They have launched fields that everyone has heard about yet no one knows their names.  That may be for various reasons.  However, lately there has been a lot of attention and discussion in the news media of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  Fritz first showed theoretically (although did not witness) dark matter exists.

Dark Matter was discovered by a true pioneer.  A man from University of California Berkley who published over 500 papers, had a crazy number of patents, and invented the jet assist takeoff pack used by our military.

This was a smart smart guy.  His name was Fritz Zwicky.  No one knows of him and that is bad.  There will be a lot of work I put into researching who this guy was in the coming year.  I think the world needs to know him.

Here is one of the many more….ahem…colorful tidbits I have found about Fritz I wanted to share.

In Fritz’s world there were three types of people.

  1. Those that agreed with him and did what he asked of them without question…These people he considered just ok.
  2. Those that disagreed with him but didn’t do what he asked but just went away without argument…These people were ASSHOLES…
  3. Those that disagreed with him, didn’t do what he asked and then argued with him…These people were SPHERICAL ASSHOLES.

When asked Fritz, why Spherical Assholes…His reply was great.  ‘Well no matter what angle you look at them from…They are still an asshole.’

Wonder why no one liked Fritz hahaha…I have attached a picture of Fritz making a hand gesture he used for those spherical folks.


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